Artemisia Pearl Drops
Artemisia Pearl Drops

Artemisia Pearl Drops

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Named after Italian Baroque Era painter Artemisia Gentileschi, these baroque pearl drops have a way of softening hard edges with their feminine curves and perfectly imperfect shapes.

In addition to her legacy as a superior female painter, in a time when there were scarce few, Gentileschi was raped and endured public humiliation, disbelief and corporeal torture for having exposed her perpetrator. Her assault and trauma greatly informed her work, her place in a patriarchal world and for better or worse, has continued to provided a context for her lasting place in art history.

As such, 5% of the profits from this product will be donated to RAINN.

No two pearls are identical and will vary slightly from the photo but will remain consistent in overall measurements, maintaining the appearance of symmetry in each pair.

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