Jewelry Care

The best way to care for your pieces is to store them covered and away from the elements. While we don’t endorse these products, we use either polishing cloths or a bronze-safe cream polish for bronze pieces and Wrights Silver Cream for silver. Alternatively, your local jewelry store should be able to provide a quick and thorough clean for a nominal fee.

At home we suggest storing your pieces in their own bags. i.e. when storing a pair of earrings, place each in their own bag to avoid having them scratch one another. Additionally, the life of your piece will be longer if you avoid wearing in the ocean, pool, shower etc. If your pieces have pearls, we suggest keeping them away from water. Counter-intuituve, we know! However, in some instances they have been reinforced with epoxy, which should remain dry. For bronze pieces, keep them as dry as possible and always handle with clean hands & avoid exposing them to oily products such as sunscreen, moisturizer, serums, etc.

Additionally, each order comes with a polishing square that will immediately remove any tarnish. Make sure when cleaning to handle with clean, dry hands.